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Marine & Hydro Asia 2024
06 February 2024 time 14:15

Title: Marine & Hydro Asia 2024

Subtitle: In a region where coastlines and water resources are critical for communities and the economy Marine & Hydro Asia focuses on hydrospatial solutions to address many of the challenges. Rising sea levels and the need to protect vital resources require increasing co-operation between government agencies and countries. 

In the collection of, storage and sharing of data hydrospatial solutions can drive essential change in both policy and opinion. From rivers to the ocean the private, academic and non-profit sectors can share their knowledge, supported by solutions providers with a global perspective. 

Marine & Hydro Asia is an additional focus within Geo Connect Asia but reaching out to address the growing demands of an industry with its own specific challenges.

Date of course: 6-7 March 2024


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